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1980-’83 — Manager at Mustafa Avigdor’s oriental rug shop, boston, usa

1983 — Founded v Somogyi / completed education degree @ hgse

1984-2011 — Schoolteacher & rug collector in USA, then Austria

2011-present — KvS Collection / travel / education & career consultancy / bee-keeping & gardening

2014 — KvS Collection has shrunk, thanks to many international collectors who have found us here

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— the collection has its permanent residence near the danube, nestled in the vienna woods within cycling distance of the river and an easy drive to salzburg, zagreb, budapest or prague. sponsored in part by involvement in the rug trade, the collection remains in flux. some of the items featured in the KvS Collection, you’ll notice, are not for sale.

100-150 pieces maximum enables time and energy to mindfully manage each item, attending to its needs (conservation, cleaning, humidity & pest control). by networking with dealers, collectors and members of textile research societies worldwide,  constant peer-review is maintained, which means that issues of provenance, structure, materials and purpose are discussed, refined and updated. this process protects and upgrades my own investment and ensures lasting value. if you find errors in any of my textile descriptions, please contact me directly. 

although most requests are handled via email and shipment, visitors are always welcome in our home. the çay is served hot or iced, with honey from our own bees.


email: kolya@vonsomogyi.com


— new england rug society (ners)

— austrian society for textile art research (tkf)

tel: +43 650 98 65017

Color / Design / Value / Respect



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