Technical notes for Internet surfers, online shoppers and other visitors to the KvS Collection:

* Many pages have a slider, which is a specially-programmed slide-show screen at the top of the page. If the pointer from the mouse is resting on the slider, the image is static. As soon as the mouse pointer is moved, the slideshow resumes.

* The menu bar at the left of the screen is stationary and constant on each page. This contains all of the main categories and can always be used to navigate back to the top of each category in case you get „lost“.

* There are two linked icons at the bottom of the menu bar. One takes you to Rugrabbit, an online platform for dealers and collectors to trade antique, sometimes unrepaired, often unwashed and mostly authentic weavings amongst themselves. This service is maintained by experienced „ruggies“ in the USA and features an international clientele. It is analog to the „deep end of the pool“.        The other link takes the user to facebook.

* There are hundreds of images on this web site and most of them can be enlarged just by clicking on thumbnails or smaller versions of full images. Depending on the limitations of your server, your computer, our server or the multitude of networked connections between these devices, photographs may require a bit of loading time. Make sure you have a cup of tea nearby, relax and enjoy the images as they slide by.

* Each rug, kilim, bag, trapping or other textile has its own separate section with descriptive text and 3-9 photographs, each of which can be enlarged by clicking.

* At the end of each descriptive text you’ll read the phrase „Ask for your price ->  @„. By clicking on this phrase, you open a separate link to the contact page – the same one that is labeled contact on the menu bar. From this new browser tab, you can send me an expression of interest in acquiring the piece, a query for further information or images. Make sure to include the URL of the item, along with the name, so it’s clear to me which piece you might be interested in. By the way, each month I select one person from those who have contacted me via the KvS Collection to receive a bag of authentic Turkish tea (çay).

* To the left of the descriptive text and beneath the left end of the slider there are linked textile names which can be clicked on to see the previous < or next item >. These links might take you away from your selected category because they are based on the extensive media library, containing many hundreds of images, so make sure to use the links on the menu bar if you want to stick to one category at a time.

* I will never sell or share your email address with anyone else. Period.

Thanks and enjoy your stay,

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