WxL=90 x 133 cm. From eastern Anatolia. Wool w/cotton and metal threads. Vibrant, saturated natural dyes. Overall wear with a few tiny, uninterruptive rewoven or patched areas. Placed in two categories here, this very rare kilim is „for...Read More

Soumac/Kilim runner

WxL=88 x 558 cm. This gallery or „runner“ rug is woven in mixed technique. Not all of the colors are vegetal and the piece has a bright, cheerful disposition. Ask for your price ->...Read More

WxL=190 x 388 cm. This majestic, antique, slit-weave Caucasian kilim is in superb condition. You can find evidence of subtle improvisation in its rich vocabulary of symbols, some familiar (meandering vine in the main border), others elusive. Its...Read More

Kars kilim

WxL=150 x 340 cm. Marvelous, 140 year old Anatolian kilim with several restored areas throughout. Single panel, ivory-ground border combined with at least 10 (organic) colors blended together in a variety of delightful, traditional motifs. Floppy...Read More


WxL=129 x 226 cm. Here is an unusual kilim fragment woven in slit-tapestry technique with eccentric wefts and using hand-spun wool – without borders, like its weavers – originating in the nomadic tradition of a feared, Central Asian...Read More

WxL=101 x 158 cm. Slit-weave prayer kilim from  Cukkurcimen near Akören, north of Konya, Akviran region with „Merdivenli“ pattern. features 7-8 colors, lovely striped upper and lower ends with overlay-underlay brocaded highlights...Read More

Sivrihisar main kilim

WxL=162 x 284 cm. Antique, dual-panel kilim from Sivrihisar region in Anatolia, featuring attractive Aydinli and Konya motifs. Superb condition. At least 8 different dyes were used for the wool, the colors are well-saturated and the workmanship is...Read More


WxL=144 x 196 cm. This work of art has a quiet presence and a hefty handle. Its subtle variety in design elements, remarkable for their uniformity in size and color combinations, is relaxing and the weaving is executed with considerable skill. The...Read More