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WxL= 128 x 170 cm. Wonderful combination of geometric & floral elements in this Persian tribal rug, including Dragon Palmettes. 15 gazelles in a row along the right field demonstrate the status and prosperity of the clan whose experienced weaving...Read More

WxL=412 x 638 cm. Oversize Persian carpet in overall excellent condition, ca. 1950. This epic rug has, until very recently, graced the salon of an important manor in the city of Graz, Austria. There is some slight moth damage, but the pests were...Read More

Kurdish prayer

WxL = 63 x 121 cm. Bright splash of color embedded in a full-pile, blanket-like Kurdish weaving, which enhances its spiritual purpose. Part of the lower guard border is gone, but not forgotten. Worn to the bones along a line through the center, but...Read More

Kurdish Antep

WxL= 130 x 194 cm. This cleaned, mounted Kurdish treasure is at least 200 years old and demonstrates a sophisticated design vocabulary as well as expert organic dying methods available in Anatolia at that time. The colors are crisp and the weave is...Read More

notes on moths / storage / sunlight / dust / plants / mildew...Read More

E. Anatolian Kurd

WxL=134 x 210 cm. Impressive design with only 6 different colors, this Kurdish masterpiece is in excellent, original condition. An area the size of a euro coin is missing weft threads and pile knots, there are a couple of worn spots and the edge...Read More


WxL= 95 x 135 cm. This small rug features 6 mihrabs (prayer niches) facing each other. At least two of the colors are derived from synthetic dyes, an attention-getter. It has good pile, slight wear and is sturdily woven for utility. SOLD Nov. 5, 2012...Read More


WxL= 106 x 138 cm. The late Turkoman throw rug is evenly worn, features the Sariq gul and the secondary „kurbage“ pattern common in  rugs from this tribe. The background is purple-brown with orange, blue, green, brown and white...Read More

Ersari Mat

WxL= 97 x 153 cm. This small, antique Afghani throw-rug features a version of the Gulli gul with imaginative secondary elements. Selvages and fringes have been expertly conserved, it’s clean and ready to spoil bare feet in the bedroom or guest...Read More


WxL=130 x 267 cm. An east Anatolian village rug with a hefty, supple handle and full pile of soft, lanolin-rich wool, this majestic rug has 8 colors, including plenty of ivory and some straw-gold. It is in excellent condition with minor repairs...Read More