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WxL=54 x 42cm. Antique Shahsevan mafrash side panel with white cotton in center of main gul, otherwise naturally dyed wool. Unrestored, slightly damaged areas. The blue/green stripes are noteworthy. SOLD, thank you...Read More

WxL=60 x 57 cm. Vivid colors, including aubergine and a hypnotic central ornament, similar to Qashgai elements. Mint condition. Ask for your price ->...Read More

WxL= 71 x 55 cm. Very rare Luri bag face, slight wear, cotton warp & double-wefted. Swastika guls featuring blossom arches and serrated leaf ornaments in field.  Ask for your price -> @  ...Read More

WxL = 68 x 55 cm. Rare green border Afshar bag face. Cotton warp and weft, lovely boteh design floating on a  deep blue field. Selvages have been added, but this piece is nonetheless complete. Kilim slits at upper end perfectly preserved.   Ask...Read More

LxW = 63 x 38 cm. Whether you focus on the fine details of the drawing, the ostentatious display of color, the lustrous wool pile or the mint condition of this nearly complete, antique bag; well, just have a look at these photos and you’ll see...Read More

Afshar boteh

WxL= 57 x 45 cm.  A lovely, fragmented bag face made with undyed, hand-spun wool in both warp and weft. Features a charming variety of boteh in a field strewn with jewel-like petals. The collector will be protected by the main border’s...Read More

WxL= 116 x 84 cm Here’s a well-preserved juval (tent-bag) inspired by one of the nomadic Turkmen tribes, probably the Jomud. It is mixed media with soumac embroidered designs interrupting the blood-red kilim field. The plain kilim backing is...Read More


WxL= 50 x 83 cm. Here is a complete saddle bag (heybe) designed by a Jomud weaver mid-20th c. The condition of the front, with its finely-woven, short pile, is excellent. The plain back has a couple of patches. Compare this design to the silk armband...Read More

Veramin bag

WxL= 42 x 41 cm. This complete bag, with all naturally-dyed wool, has been lovingly made into a pillow. Soft, full pile on the front and simple stripes on the back make this a perfect collector’s item. Not for sale (in memory of former owner...Read More


WxL= 86 x 62 cm. This storage bag face, found at the bottom of a pile of endangered old textiles in Istanbul, has been conserved at the edges and cleaned, but the damaged areas in the field have been left alone. Surprisingly decorative item...Read More